About Me

My journey

There I was approaching 40 – I had the husband, the kids, the job, the house and all the other things. From the outside it was the perfect life I had envisioned from childhood. And then just like that it had vanished, along with my self worth.

When it all began for me, I had been married for over 15 years, and had everything I thought I wanted. I had checked off all the boxes. Have you ever had the experience of checking off the boxes in life? Well I did that and still had this uneasy feeling that I could not shake. In the next couple of years, I saw the end of my 19 year relationship and the end of my 8 year corporate job.

In the time since then, I’ve discovered that I was living for others and wasn’t being honest with myself. I felt like my life was over. Now I have an exciting outlook and plan for my life. I am present to creating my life and am in a place where I make empowered choices. My relationships are better in all areas of my life and I know that I can figure it all out! I feel like a new person; in fact I am a new person!

The coolest part was when my sister, the person who I’ve known practically my whole life and who is closest person to me, said “your light has come back”!

So, what do people get when they coach with me? It’s simple. They get to connect fully with themselves to live the life they dream of. They shed the things that do not serve them to create a life worthy of themselves.

I’m in this to live my kick ass life, while supporting others to do the same.  Will you join me?

With love,