What to Expect

Count on…

Planning and accountability. We will take some time to determine what you want to take on over the course of our coaching relationship and how you plan to get there. You determine the focus and the pace. This is a partnership where you get to decide how it goes. I’m here to support you in uncovering your greatness. 

A partnership where you are respected and supported. A wide range of emotions show up in coaching, and in fact I hope they do. You will be supported and encouraged to embrace them all and you may change your relationship with emotions. Coaching is confidential, so you can be assured that everything you say stays between us. 

Transformation and wellbeing. This one may sneak up on you! As coaching recognizes the whole person, your journey will be supported with wellbeing as a foundation in all aspects of your life. Focusing on being, you may be taken off guard when one day someone curiously says to you “something is really different about you”. 

Time commitment. Coaching is one hour a week, with micro coaching in between if required. A minimum of six months is ideal for transformative results.